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Euro Disney S.C.A. and its subsidiaries are wholeheartedly dedicated to creating exceptional places where families can play, live and work together. 
The group was formed after The Walt Disney Company and the French authorities signed an agreement in 1987 on the creation of a world-class tourist destination, Disneyland® Paris. 
Owned and operated by the group, Disneyland Paris first opened its doors in 1992 and has since welcomed over 275 million visitors – claiming the title of Europe’s number one tourist destination on the way.
Through the agreement, the group, which has over 15,000 employees, was also entrusted with the real estate development of a site measuring approximately 2,000 hectares. 
The town centre of Val d’Europe and the future Villages Nature destination are located on this site.  The group’s activity on the site has helped the population of Val d’Europe rise from under 5,000 inhabitants in the late 1980s to 30,000 in 2012.  In that time, the number of jobs has also increased from several hundred to 28,000.