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Sustainable project

Consumers set their mind to go green and tourism must get involved

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Investment & sustainable development

Village Nature has been thought as an Avant Garde project that places nature at the core of our concept: a fine location in exceptional surroundings, as well as a comprehensive and ambitious sustainable development strategy. Everything has been designed to win over customers who want to go green even while they are on holidays, and this is also the perfect way to guarantee and ensure a long term investment value.

Why is Villages Nature so special?
- A place where Man and Nature can flourish together in a balanced, respectful environment.
- A unique geothermal lagoon to be enjoyed by bathers all year-round.
- The “Dogger” aquifer, covering all of the resort’s heating needs.

Firm commitments

With a “carbon free, waste free, car free” objective, Villages Nature is committed to providing a shining example of sustainable development. Objective: Minimise our environmental footprint, complying with the requirements of the “One Planet Living” strategy developed by BioRegional and WWF International.   

. Use of sustainable, local materials 
. Sustainable water management
. Respecting biodiversity 
. Active contribution towards local social and economic development  

These clear targets provide an undeniable environmental dimension to the project, this is why Villages Nature is the tourist attraction of the future.