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This website is intended to introduce the “Villages Nature” real-estate investment programme, led by Les Villages Nature de Val d’Europe S.A.S, created on par by Euro Disney S.C.A. and the PIERRE & VACANCES - CENTER PARCS Group.

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Architects and landscape architects involved in the various elements from the project that are shown on this website are listed below:
Project Art Director and Head Planner 
© Thierry Huau, paysagiste & urbaniste (Interscène) © Walt Disney Imagineering  

Aqualagoon and the water park 
© Jacques Ferrier Architectures (JFA)
The Suspended Gardens
© Thierry Huau, paysagiste & urbaniste (Interscène) © Jean de Gastines Architecte  

Extraordinary gardens the Lakefront Promenade Water Park landscaped pathways
Insertion of accommodation and recreational facilities into the landscape
© Thierry Huau, paysagiste & urbaniste (Interscène) Accomodation © Jean de Gastines Architecte   Farm © Architecte Lionel de Segonzac  

Interior decoration of the cottages
© Ana Moussinet Interior Design (gamme Bulle)
© Sparcstudio (gamme Nature)
© L’atelier Sophie Jacqmin (gamme Clan)  

Panoramic visual of the Lakefront Promenade, the Suspended Gardens and the Aqualagoon
© Hadt & Kozlicki & Majka  

Composite visuals showing the project’s overall feel
© One
© Pixelis

The Suspended Gardens, initial artist’s sketch by the Project Art Department in 2007: © Walt Disney Imagineering  

The Suspended Gardens, the Lakefront Promenade, initial artist’s sketches by architect firms in 2010© T. Huau (Interscène) ; Jean de Gastines Architecte ; Architectes Patriarche & Co  

Project ground plan: © T. Huau (Interscène) ; Villages Nature ; Disney  

Other pictures & photos : © Getty Images ; Shutterstock ; Fotolia 

3D movie : ©Agence Kreaction

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