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Sound investment

At the heart of Ile-de-France, a region with valuable, historical property, Villages Nature offers some very attractive deals, available from two leading leisure experts.

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Guaranteed income, zero hassle

- Two major names in Tourism
- Renewable 10 year lease  (1)
- Guaranteed, indexed rental income  (2)
- No communal charges, no maintenance fees

Tax breaks

- VAT on purchase price refunded (3)
- Excellent way to finance your investment: Private Furnished Buy-to-Let (Loueur Meublé Non Professionnel - LMNP) (4)

(1) In accordance with the terms of your lease. The lessor can refuse the renewal of the lease in accordance with French law (law 2009-888 of 22nd July 2009 for the development and modernisation of tourism services). However, the lessor must, apart from the exceptions stated in articles L.145-17 and following, pay the evicted party an eviction compensation equal to the damages caused by the termination of renewal; The calculation conditions of this compensation are set out in the second paragraph of article L 145-14. (2) Profitability is guaranteed by a 10-year lease. (3) Tax benefits are subject to modification by legislation. Submit to condition. Please contact us for more information (4) Fiscal advantages are subject to modification by legislation. Please contact us for more information.